What better way to be introduced than by some of her many clients who have graciously
shared their unsolicited experiences of phone readings, and what those readings have
meant to them in healing their grief and moving forward on their spiritual journey.

After you review their "reviews" please click on to Susan's HOME PAGE.

Van Praagh

James Van Praagh

On his website ( world famous medium James Van Praagh had listed ten mediums from around the world he felt merited his personal recommendation as reputable. James added medium number ELEVEN, Susan, to that distinguished list of mediums as of April 11, 2004. Susan is also listed on James' site as one of three recommended spiritual teachers.

It all came about by one of our dear friends referring her friend to Susan for a reading. The session reunited the woman with her precious son who had committed suicide a year prior. While in James Van Praagh's chat room she mentioned the miraculous reading she received by Susan.

As a result James contacted Susan asking for a reading for himself in order to experience Susan's gift. (An audition if you will!) Several weeks after his reading James asked Susan to do a session for a close friend of his. That accomplished, several weeks later James asked one more reading for another close friend.

Needless to say the sessions were beyond their expectations and so reported to James. We're so pleased that Susan is receiving this acknowledgement and acclaim that is certain to broaden her exposure to many more people who now will be able to experience her gift of healing.

We salute James Van Praagh as a true pioneer in the effort to bring awareness to the masses that we all live on in that place we call "The Other Side."


You are truly a life saver.  I feel as though a 5000 pound weight has lifted off my body.  I can't thank you enough for your time and God given talents that help people connect.  

It was such a blessing to talk with you.  It helped much more than my therapy sessions.

God bless you! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kay J.

One of my very favorite actors was Michael Clarke Duncan of The Green Mile fame. There was something about this gentle giant that touched my soul. Michael returned to the spirit dimension in September, 2012.

Recently I was privileged to speak with his beloved sister Judy.


The pleasure was truly all mine! A great deal of "baggage" has been removed and hidden truths brought to the surface. I can't thank you enough for an awesome reading! For hours after, I felt as if I'd left this dimension and was walking among astral stars! I am looking forward to the next session.

Yes, we must stay in touch!

Blessings and Peace,



Reverend Dr. Sheri Perl Migdol —Founder of the World Wide Prayer Registry where children who have passed are remembered, celebrated and held in prayer every year on the anniversary day of their passing. Sheri lost her son Daniel to an overdose of alcohol and prescription drugs on July 1, 2008. It is to him and all the other beloved children on the other side that this registry is dedicated. To register a child with The Prayer Registry send the child's full name as you would like it to be printed on The Prayer Registry Calendars and his or her passing date to: There is no fee to register a child for prayer.
Sheri's website

"One of the best mediums in the world (and I don't say that easily.)"

Sheri Peri

Dear Susan,

Susan Sanderford is one of the most gifted mediums I have ever met. She has an open channel to what spirit has to say, and she delivers the messages with clarity and accuracy.

Susan has performed readings for many members of The Prayer Registry, many of whom have shared their experiences with me. Across the board, the feedback is excellent.

If you are looking for a reading with a competent and sincere medium, I recommend Susan Sanderford!

Sheri Perl
Founder of The Prayer Registry

M. Paz Galupo Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
Towson University
Towson, MD 21252-0001

Hi Susan

I have been lucky enough to have had two life-changing readings with you in the past -- thank you for that.

I’m not sure if you remember but my first reading was soon after my sister, Pilar, passed – and you helped me so much in both processing my grief and in continuing to develop a relationship/ connection to her. I am so thankful for you in using your gift in service of others! I’m sure I will have another reading with you sometime soon.

I hope you have a great holiday!

In gratitude,

Love Inks

Sherry LaBlanc
Austin, Texas
Recording Artist & Song Writer

Sherry LaBlanc is vocalist for the about-to-become-famous band out of Austin, Texas -- Love Inks. A song writer and gifted guitarist, along with her beautiful voice, Sherry's down to earth approach to life and music in general is a major part of her appeal.


Here Sherry shares her Life Guidance telephone consultation experiences with Susan Sanderford

Dear Susan,

It's crazy, I feel like a ton of bricks have been lifted from my spirit. Thank you so much for everything you do—you have changed my life in ways I could probably never fully express.

I haven't felt this much relief since our first session—it's as if you did ten years of therapy work in an hour!

I've never sent you our music so I wanted to send you the sneak preview to our album that comes out on September 8th. It's still top secret as it hasn't been released yet. Kevin took all of your guidance about music of the spheres and exploring that side of things seriously, I wonder if it shows through in the sound.

Thanks again—you really have such an incredible gift!



Endre Balogh — (and his Stradivarius)
With an impressive list of international concert triumphs to his credit, this gifted concert violinist has performed as soloist and chamber musician to great acclaim throughout the world. You can read more about him here:

My telephone reading with Susan was a most wonderful moment in my life. After our precious son, Antal, suddenly passed, our grief over losing him was at times, overwhelming. It brought me such comfort when Susan immediately began bringing forth validating information that couldn't have come from anyone but Antal in Spirit. I felt so blessed to be close again to my little boy and now I feel reassured that he is near me always. At the same time Susan was doing her reading, Milt, her husband was in the background sending healing energy. I feel certain that also helped to enhance the entire experience. Thank you, Susan and Milt! You use your extraordinary special gifts so selflessly to bring healing and light into the world!

Endre Balogh

(We'd like to share what his bio fails to mention, the depth of Endre's great heart and soul. A beautiful humanitarian. Endre is also a gifted professional photographer.)

Sara Ruble — Sara is the author of a powerful blog for grieving parents titled Death Teaches. Susan and I highly recommend you check it out.

It seems like forever that we’ve known Sara Ruble. In reality it’s going on close to twenty years since we reconnected Sara with her beloved son Scott who crossed back to the spirit dimension on May 20, 1994.

Sara Ruble…

My Dear Susan and Milt,
I hope you will always know KNOW how grateful I am for the opening up and infusion of spiritual understanding I was given by you two, not only by the extraordinary life-changing (and I mean that!) Sedona retreat, but the BEST ever reading you brought me from Scott Susan (and I knew you were right there too Milt), the many classes and tele-seminars I took/participated in, and the times in my confusion you gave me much needed guidance and balance.

I HAD to grow. You HAD to be my teachers. Ok, now I have to cry… :) I HAD to meet you, be changed, challenged, and opened up by your words and your deep spiritual knowing. Soul planned…oh yes…the only way all this could have been… So Scott and I could teach others. Isn’t that so beautiful?

I could never have imagined all this could be so…magnificent.

Scott's response? “WE are fam- ily…!” That song, you know! :)

I love this! I love you.

Thank you.


Patricia Phillips
On Broadway
As the tempestuous opera diva Carlota
in The Phantom of the Opera

In addition to The Phantom of the Opera, Phillips has appeared on Broadway in The Secret Garden, The Sound of Music and La Bohème. Her other theatrical credits include the national tour of Carousel and regional productions of The Pajama Game and Man of La Mancha.

(One of Milt's and my most exciting theatre nights was provided by this gifted comedic genius and magnificent vocalist, who we now consider a dear friend. -- Susan)

Dear Susan,

Wow! Incredible!

Much love to you and Milt,



Lisa Heiser
Assistant Dean of Faculty Development and Equity
at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
Book: Loving Connections: The Healing Power of After-Death Communications

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for another wonderful reading. I appreciate so very much the extraordinary, healing work you do and continue to be more than amazed and completely astonished at what you are able to perceive, understand, and communicate that is so far beyond what can be imagined. You are both miracles and remarkable healers. Thank you, thank you for your continuing gifts of healing, humor, and extraordinary wisdom. Thanks especially for bringing my Dad through with such clarity and all the messages and on-target suggestions in support of continued healing and growth.

Erin Parsley

Erin Parsley
A gifted dancer, teacher, and choreographer, trained in classical ballet at major schools across North America including the San Francisco, Houston, Boston, and Joffrey Ballets. Through her teaching she inspires people of all ages to awaken to their mind body connection and vibrant joy.

Visit her website at and her presentations on YouTube.

Dear Susan,

I listened to our session today and am ASTOUNDED by your ability to see into my life, your guidance and the ACCURACY of your knowing… down to specific words and phrases that had already come into my awareness as well.

You are so awesome, and I really felt a wonderful connection to you and it was so easy and fun to talk to you!

Much love, Erin

I just wanted to let you know that the last session we did together is SO FREAKING AWESOME!!  It is probably the best, most affirming reading I have ever had.  I keep re-listening every time I need inspiration and confidence to keep rocking my awesome 5th dimensional self. I truly appreciate that you can SEE ME when the majority of the world can’t, as you affirmed.  I have always felt like a stranger in a strange land here on earth, and now you have explained why (I vibrate higher than they can understand).  And knowing why, I can just relax and know that everything is JUST AS IT IS MEANT TO BE and that my life is totally on track even though is doesn’t look like most people’s. :D  

I am so incredibly grateful for our connection.  You are a huge gift in my life.

With love from the “gypsy free spirit”,



Judy Guggenheim
Judy Guggenheim
Best Selling Author
Longwood, Florida
Book: Hello From Heaven

I have never had a reading with Spirit that has been as healing, timely or exciting as my reading with you Susan. This has meant so much to me. My heart is full of joy. I am glowing from your wondrous gift. Wow! Glorious! What a blessing for me...


Gene Edgido
Internationally Acclaimed Healer & Author
Encinitas, California
Book: Whose Hands Are These?

Yours was my first reading in over twenty years. Your gift is exceptional.


Dr. Henry Reed
Henry Reed, Ph.D.
Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Book: The Intuitive Heart

As a personal friend and business associate of Susan Sanderford, and having witnessed her healing gift through spirit communication, I take pride in recommending her mediumship service to you. Susan shares spirit and love in a beautiful way. As one of the authentic spiritual mediums of our time, you will be blessed.

Henry Reed, Ph.D., is Professor of Transpersonal Studies at Atlantic University and Director of the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies. Author of several books and scholarly articles, he lives with his wife on a goat ranch in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.


Stephan Pickering
Noted Jewish Scholar
Santa Cruz, California

On 24 August 2008, my wife of 25 years, Faline, perished in my arms from small-cell carcinoma -- and, during the past 12+ months I have been reading and researching (in both Hebrew and English) Merkavah/proto-kabbalistic concepts of the 'after'-life as seen in various sources. This necessarily has meant, as a Jew, examining the Nag Hammadi 'scriptures', the Qumran scrolls, et al., and the folklore surrounding Yeshua ben Miriam. Thus, I am slowing piecing together a framework with which to grapple with re-defining how I look at my be-ing following her transition to the Other Side.

I hope this makes sense. I've been posting my thoughts in a series Revisiting Richard Matheson's Summerland at Jame van Praagh's website My background is in paleontology, with an early interest in kabbalah (Reb Elie Wiesel, outside of Faline, has been the biggest impact on my life), but I was a skeptic until Faline reached out to me from the Other, as it is said, is stronger than the myth of 'death' (a bioevent, having nothing to do with our souls). Shortly after 24 August 2008, she urged me to read Rabbi Elie Spitz's 2000 book Does the soul survive? A Jewish journey to belief in afterlife, past lives, & living with purpose.

Shalom, Susan! I cannot find the words to say 'thank you' to you (and your remarkable husband Milt!) for the Gift you shared with me yesterday. Another 'polar shift' in my consciousness & be-ing...the love you poured into me resonates within me; I am blest, yes, and my gratitude to you transcends words. Elie Wiesel has said: some things are true even though they never happened; other things are false, even if they are witnessed. Or, as I look at it: so many things are true, even though they transcend language and reality.

You are a holy woman, Susan -- and you have touched the holy-ness within me. The divine S/He is blessing us all. Sometime before the end of this year, I'll reach out to you again in my journey with my beloved Faline.

I just want to tell you how deeply your conversation with me on the telephone opened up parts of myself to her, and her to me. You have a Gift from God. I send to both you and Milt protective white Light of love.

Susan, you and I come from two different worlds; I am not a 'christian', but your site ( and the newsletters I've read to date have profoundly moved me. We are on different paths, so to speak, but the Light shines on us both. I am trying -- and I mean this quite sincerely -- to be understanding of your tradition, and, even when I may disagree with you, I think you one of the most wonderfully spiritual persons I've encountered. Does this make sense?

Thank you. L'Shana Tovah.



Neil Slade
Musician, Author and Dimensional Traveler
Latest Book: The Book of Wands

Susan Sanderford — is a bon i-fide Traveler and medium, who recently did an amazing reading for me — demonstrating her real abilities to Travel to other dimensions, and know things she would otherwise have absolutely no knowledge of, and could not have regarding other people in my life. A great!


Beverly A. George
Virginia Beach, Virginia

How remarkably accurate and authentic Susan is in the use of her gift to communicate with spirit. At the beginning of my reading I tried to be as poker faced and unresponsive as possible, but when Susan began telling me detail after detail of dreams I had about my mother, I knew she was receiving information from my mother. What a great reunion mother and I had. Susan even helped me understand the meaning of the dreams. It was an unforgettable experience. What a gift! Susan, thank you so much.


Dr. Colene Allen, DN, RHC, LMT, CMPT
Doctor of Naturology
Canon City, Colorado
Book: Welcome Back Little Child

Susan, reuniting me with my daughter Lynda has changed my life forever. Her suicide left me with a broken heart and spirit. Now they are both healed. Lynda has moved on, and so have I. God bless you in your wonderful work


Patte Purcell
Next Dimension Talk Radio,
Las Vegas, NV

Susan is a most remarkable spiritual medium. I'm honored to present her as a regular guest on my nationwide program. Her mediumship gift is incredible.

Good morning Susan

Thanks soo much for the amazing connection and sound guidance. I woke up with a sense of strength and hope- albeit slight and cautious - I've not felt for a long time. My plan is to nuture one memory a day from child and teenaged years.

Indeed it's a beautiful world.

Thank you thank you thank you!!

With love
Kabul, Afganistan

Thanks so much Susan,

Your reading and contact with my husband was inspiring and I do feel more motivated to move on with my life's work. Even if that is a bit scary. You clearly "read" and described my husband and I was delighted by his charming sense of humor that I miss so much.

The day after the reading I was working on rigging my lawnmower wheel that won't stay in the raised position and I heard him giving suggestions. Not auditorily, but in my mind it was his voice, his way of saying things with that edge of humor always. I know this is what you meant when you said he would work with me from the other side and I would know it was him. The lawnmower is now rigged to stay where I want it! There is some part of me, some distant buried memory that I glimpsed months ago regarding us working together as you suggested he was willing to do. It has just been so painful in getting over the loss of my best friend that I couldn't bear at that time to consider the possibility. I was so tired of crying all the time when I thought of him that I tried to avoid it. I also thought it would be difficult for him as he was unable to comfort me. As I move forward with my grief work I can look forward to a different relationship with him now. I just hope I don't lose my momentum. As he said, "times a wasting".


Hi Susan

It was so nice talking to you yesterday. I feel happy I got directed to you. I still have to come to terms with myself, I know it will take a while, a long while.

I look forward to hearing the recorded session once again. I would be happy if you could keep in touch. God has blessed you with this amazing gift Susan. Am glad you share it with us.

Thank you once again.


Velachery Chenna, India

Dear Susan,

Since my husband who was working at the time, ended up staying for the reading. (In case we had more phone problems he'd be there to help :) My daughter and I were totally surprised, but excited for him to get this exposure. As my husband was a "non-believer". He didn't believe in any life after death, non religious, he believed that once you die it's over, there is nothing. Well, once the reading started, our son immediately came through with incredible validations. Our son then turned his focus to his dad. He basically "exposed" his dads inner-thoughts, feelings and beliefs. (In a precious, kind, loving way) My husband began to cry during this reading, my husband is very guarded in this sense (man's man) so this was very powerful.

Your reading changed my husband's life! LITERALLY! He said that he could not dispute anything you had said. You were very accurate! A couple of days later he said it had made him change the entire way he thought, his whole thought process relating to the way he "had" believed it to be. He was pretty quiet and in deep thought for a couple of weeks thereafter. I knew he had to process it all.

Well, my husband became very happy! He remains happy. I did not realize how depressed he had been. He admitted this himself. He seems to have gained some inner peace. This reading was priceless.

Thank you for what you do.
R.S. Phoenix, AZ

Dear Susan and Milt,
God Bless you for all that you are doing for my daughter and me. I am in awe, that we who are strangers to you, you find it in your hearts to reach out to us in every way possible to bring healing to our lives. I usually feel so alone with our life. Thank you for being there, beyond a "reading". Thank you just doesn't express my gratitude.

I will continue to pray. ( I am not very good at it) I am trying so hard to keep God present in my life on a more conscious level. I have a long way to go to accomplish this. I feel so inadequate. I have always said to God, " I am your slowest learner." Wish I could get it right and not have this unbearable pain in my life. If my daughter is well, I could do so much more. I don't know what it could be, but I hope if she is healed, I will find a way to give back and help others.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to do all you do for your unseen clients, From someone you don't know.

Blessings with love, Cindy

Hi Susan and Milt
It was a pleasure talking to you both. I really felt your warmth through the phone line. I look foward to listening to the session again, and to play it for my mum it will mean a lot to her. Lots of Love from

Johannesburg, South Africa

I cannot adequately express my thanks and appreciation for your gift of sharing spirit's amazing insights during my Life Guidance session with you last week.
From "lost and confused" to excited about my new direction -- in just a one hour conversation. Amazing indeed!

New York

Dear Susan & Milt,

A week before his death my brother received a reading from you. You can not imagine the positive difference it made in his life. Before the session he was burdened with fear of his impending passing.

His attitude changed completely after his session. He was literally excited about the adventure of "Graduating" back into spirit and into the arms of Jesus and his loved ones who are waiting to celebrate with him.

Our final week together was most beautiful and healing. I can't begin to find words to express my appreciation for your gift of love and healing.

New York

Dear Susan and Milt,

You don't know me, but my husband had a reading with you on May 29. I've wondered ever since if you ever get to hear about the difference you have made in someone's life after speaking with you. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the difference you have made in (his) life and, therefore, my own. We both listened to the tape of the session you sent, and it was one of the most moving experiences I've known. It completely confirmed beliefs that have been with me since childhood, and left me with such peace and joy that I wanted to shout to the heavens in thanks. (He) has also found a peace that has been missing for over 19 years — ever since his divorce separated him from his two children. This peace and new understanding replaced the guilt and anger he had been carrying for so long. Our marriage was slowing being torn to shreds and I'm not sure how much longer either of us would have been able to hold on. Your reading has made such a remarkable difference in our lives — at a time when we had just about given up all hope. You, and your message of love, will never be forgotten.

With Peace, Love and Thanks,

Hi Susan,

What a wonderful gift you have. I enjoyed my reading beyond description.

One part of the reading that didn't make sense to me was when you mentioned my mother was showing you my father was kissing her photo. I knew he had put most photos of her away. I was over there last week after the reading and saw he had put a 5 x 7 magnet photo of my Mom back on his refrigerator. I told him I was happy to see it and asked what made him decide to put it up. He shrugged and said "I dun no, I put it back last week. When I walk by it in the kitchen I give her a smooch."
Needless to say, when he said that my heart skipped a beat.

Love and friendship,

After my 1st phone reading with you.........I then saw you at the Heritage Center in Virginia Beach (upstairs). My sister and I sat in the front row......but when we signed in I didn't write down my real name. I just wanted to see what happened. You did a mini reading on me that night........and one of the first things you said to me was..."I see a candle and a cake".............That was one of the first things you said to me during my phone reading. That had such an important meaning for me........and to hear it twice from you, and the 2nd time you had no idea who I was. sister and I were blown away.......she started crying and Milt came and stood behind her and rubbed her head and shoulders.......he was so comforting. She and I still talk about that night.

You 2 have made such an amazing impact on my life......One of these days when I can afford it, I want another reading.
Thank you......for your gifts. God Bless you both.


Dear Susan & Milt,

There is not a doubt in my mind that God brought you to Australia to awaken His love within me and to point me to my perfect path. There are no adequate words to describe what you have meant in my spiritual journey, nor how much I love, admire and thank you both.

Byron Bay, Australia

Dear Susan & Milt,

You have touched my heart forever. Thank you for bringing love, laughter, friendship and your divine wisdom into my life. If I had one wish to be granted it would be that you not leave us to return to America!

Byron Bay, Australia

Dear Susan & Milt,

You have brought new meaning into my life for which I am eternally grateful. You will likely never know what you mean to the world and the power of your healing message and presence.

Love Always,
Byron Bay, Australia

Hi Susan & Milt,

Thank you so much for your Soul Growth reading. It has opened up a world of possibilities for me that I had never even considered. Now, instead of feeling trapped in my job and feeling the burden of having to "figure things out" I'm feeling a lot of excitement and anticipation for what the future has in store for me.

Thanks also for your offer to assist me in working on my inner child issues. I'm sure I will be taking you up on that in the future. I have felt for a while that there is something blocking me in several areas, particularly where my intimate relationships are concerned so I would love to work with you on that.

I will definitely keep in touch with you as things move forward in the next phases of my life. I feel I'm just on the verge of a major transition, and you were essential in getting me to the doorway.

With Love and Gratitude,

Dear Susan and Milt,

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for another wonderful reading. I appreciate so very much the extraordinary, healing work you do and continue to be more than amazed and completely astonished at what you are able to perceive, understand, and communicate that is so far beyond what can be imagined. You are both miracles and remarkable healers. Thank you, thank you for your continuing gifts of healing, humor, and extraordinary wisdom. Thanks especially for bringing my Dad through with such clarity and all the messages and on-target suggestions in support of continued healing and growth. Looking forward to seeing you in Virginia Beach!

Much love!!!!

Hi Susan and Milt!

I met you at your last seminar at the Heritage Store in Va Beach. I've been recommending you to fellow Souls who I feel could benefit from a reading with you. I just received the most beautiful e-mail from a man who had a reading with you, thanking me for recommending you. I am really not surprised that you would travel three hours round-trip to help his deceased wife who was 'stuck' after committing suicide, deliver the closure she needed for him so she could move on. I am also not surprised you would not take any extra money! From the first time I visited your website I could feel the loving, compassionate energy you both possess. I had never before felt vibrations as high in a human being, and only a handful so far in Spirit! I am so grateful that you both have become the finely tuned instruments you are. You are truly a blessing to so many who are in desperate need. You continue to inspire me in my own journey!

God Bless you both,
Joanna B.
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Thank you both so much. My head is still reeling. I needed so desperately to know that my loved one was ok. You just went right in there and handed it back to me. I can't believe how accurate you are. I am so awed by your gift, and the ability to make it so natural. I got off the phone with you, and just sat there and kept saying thank you, thank you, thank you. You have erased any doubts that I had before doing a reading. You don't know how much you have done just by letting me know that he is ok, and hasn't forgotten me.
Thank you again and God bless you both.

Margaret W.
Butler, Pennsylvania

Susan San, thank you for being so open and loving during my visit. After visiting with you and Milton San, I feel I am leaving dear family behind as I return to Japan. After my reading I feel so stronger and loved. You have changed my life. You have helped me heal.

Tokyo Yamagishi
Tokyo, Japan

You two are love and light in physical form!!! You have helped me clear the way for Divine Love to flow through me and I will continue to allow Spirit to guide me and direct me in every way! After we talked, I walked on the beach last night and I felt the most wonderful, loving embrace I have ever felt. It brought tears to my eyes and goose bumps all over my body and I had a smile a mile wide. Wow! You two have a wonderful gift.

Roseanne T.
Virginia Beach, Virginia

What a magnificent program of healing! Susan and Milt work like no other team I have seen, sharing their story and Susan's gift of spiritual mediumship. What a wonderful experience!

Midge Woods
Conference Director
Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.
Association for Research
and Enlightenment
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Recently I was one of three individuals who were reunited with loved ones who have passed on. Tears flowed and smiles glowed, and I honestly believe emotional healing took place. I was in awe. In my opinion, Susan's love and spirituality are sincere and her talent is authentic.

Mary Burke, Director
The Heritage Center
Virginia Beach, VA

As a personal friend and business associate of Susan Sanderford, and having witnessed her healing gift through spirit communication, I take pride in recommending her mediumship service to you. Susan shares spirit and love in a beautiful way. As one of the authentic spiritual mediums of our time, you will be blessed.

Dr. Henry Reed
Internationally Acclaimed
Author & Lecturer
Caring For The Creative Spirit

Thank you for sharing your gift with me. You are blessed and through our telephone reading have revealed to me beyond what I had hoped for. How wonderful that I was led to you both in my hour of grief. Since my telephone reading reuniting me with my husband Dick, I have had such great energy both mental and physical. I feel happy and alive and very much back in my life again. The information he shared has me so excited about my future. Thank you both so much for your help and caring.

Paulette F.
Norfolk, Virginia

My Life Guidance telephone reading with you was beyond my expectation and hope. Thank you for sharing your gift. You have given me clarity of thought and hope for a brighter future.

Malin Eliasson
Lulea, Sweden

I cannot thank you enough for the profound reading I received from you. I am so grateful.

Judy B
Cottonwood, Arizona

What special people you and your husband are, especially to have the presence of Jesus come into the reading. What a blessing to have received his message. I'm certain we were connecting with dad and my brother Donald. You captured their true essence. Mother and I found such release from past guilt and fears. I know God will continue to bless you.

Sandy K.
Wilmington, Delaware

Susan my reading with you through the mail was absolutely amazing. I am still so thrilled with the information you supplied from my deceased loved ones. It was beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Robin I.
St. Catherines, ON Canada

As one who does readings I can say -- that was a great reading! Your abilities are quite wonderful, and it was great fun. I'm looking forward to another in several months. I feel refreshed and cared for.

Seattle, Washington

I have felt so at peace since my telephone reading with you. I felt such peace during your prayer and it is still with me. Others are noticing a new spring in my step as well. What an awesome calm. Thank you so much for sharing your gift.

Anderson, North Carolina

Thank you very much. Even my very skeptical husband Larry, was impressed. It was a wonderful experience.

Jeanine S.
Orlando, FL

WOW! What can I say? My reading with you by mail was amazing. You can't imagine how thrilled I was. Thank you so much. You both sound so kind and loving on the tape. I just hope I can meet you someday. God bless you.

Robin I.
St. Catherines Ontario

Thank you so much for the wonderful telephone reading. I enjoyed it immensely! Your gift is extraordinary. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Lisa K.
Doylestown, Pa

Mom and I were so pleased with the telephone reading you gave. One interesting note: You spoke of someone hunting and we told you that there was a picture of my Dad, his father and Donald (3 generations) returning from rabbit hunting. It was a small, old snapshot that Mom kept framed and on one specific shelf. We went to look for it after the reading, and it was gone! Neither of us could find it! Mom never ever moves that picture! I told her that when she found it, she would know that those on the "other side" knew about it being moved — especially since that was brought up in the reading! She did later find it, in a place she had no idea why it would have been put! We did feel that you brought through the spirit of Donald and my Dad (definitely with the twinkle in Dad's eyes) and Mom felt so much more reassured than she has in a long, long time. Thank you so much. Also, you were right, Mom HAD regretted that she wasn't with Donald when he passed. Having him tell her in the reading that he waited until she left so it would be easier for her helped her overcome that guilt.We appreciate all you have done. What special people you and your husband are, especially to have the presence of Jesus come into your reading. What a blessing to have received his message as well. Thanks again and God bless you both.


Susan, my reading with you was truly inspiring. You have given me important things to consider. I cannot thank you enough.


The reading, the follow up phone call, your package have all been such a positive and helpful experience. In one phone session you have been able to do for me what various therapists have tried to do for over eight years. Thank you so much to the both of you for your warmth and kindness and your skill in your work. It has been very good to "meet" you.

Cambridge, England

Thanks for showing me my loved ones on the other side. Dan still lets me know he is around with lots of signs. Susan, you taught me how to open up to Jesus and the spirit world, and brought my angels back into my life. This thank-you comes with a special prayer that the Lord will send many blessings your way.

Virginia Beach, VA

I met you at A.R.E. in October of '99 and received a reading in December. Now a year has passed. After my reading with you when I connected with my Dad and son, a sense of peace and calm came over me. Before the reading I was in a deep depression and found little joy in life even after counseling.

Both my husband and I are better now than we have been in years. What struck us as truly startling was how clearly my son's personality came through to us. It was as though he was there.

We wanted you to know about the peace you have brought to our lives. May God bless you and guide you to help others as you have helped our family.

Portland, New York

Words can't adequately express what your gift has done for me. I consider my telephone reading with you to be most inexpensive therapy. I have been helped immensely. In deepest love.

Terry G.
Torrance, California

When you called me out of the audience of the Elder Hostel conference in Virginia Beach to reunite me with my dear departed sister Ruth, my life was changed. Your gift of spirit communication is a gift of healing. I shall never forget you.

Audrey J. S
Newtown Falls, Ohio

Susan, I am in awe of your story and your gift and how loving and giving you are in your use of it. Your sincerity and love of God shines through in what you do and say and just your being. Never change. Witnessing the readings you gave was so encouraging and healing. Keep sharing your wonderful story. Just remarkable!

Richard D
Kennebunkport, Maine

How can I ever thank you for helping my dad to speak with me. I am so thrilled with the experience. You have healed an emptiness in my heart.

Betty G
White Plains, New York

Although I received my reading about a year ago, I must share with this wonderful Elder Hostel group how remarkably accurate and authentic Susan is in the use of her gift to communicate with spirit. At the beginning of my reading I tried to be as poker faced and unresponsive as possible, but when Susan began telling me detail after detail of dreams I had about my mother, I knew she was receiving information from my mother.What a great reunion mother and I had. Susan even helped me understand the meaning of the dreams. It was an unforgettable experience. What a gift! Susan, thank you so much.

Beverly A. George
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Never having been directly involved with anything remotely 'mediumistic' or 'spiritual', I approached my initial session with a healthy degree of skepticism, determined not to be 'taken'. I was very careful to give nothing away including age, gender or relationship with the deceased. On a purely factual level Susan quickly honed in with astonishing accuracy. She also immediately detected another major issue which I hadn't planned on discussing. On the personal level, there was nothing remotely 'Spooky' or 'New-Agey' about my session with Susan. I found her to be bright, articulate and engaging. During our phone call, her connection with Spirit was so quick and matter-of-fact that I had the slightly disconcerting feeling that she was simply talking to someone else on another line. Her husband Milt was felt as a warm, friendly and grounding presence in the background. On a spiritual level, much of the material was immediately helpful, but there was also much that will need future thought and meditation. On a strictly financial level, Susan is remarkably inexpensive especially in light of the time and concentration she is willing to devote. Clearly, she would have gone on for as long as was needed — at no extra charge. Frankly, I got more than my money's worth and I will definitely schedule another session after I have digested the contents of this one. Naturally, my grief could not be healed by one phone call, but I certainly feel that I came away with a solid basis for starting to re-build my self and my life.

Terry W.
Cedarburg, WI

Exceptional, just exceptional. What a beautiful and meaningful gift.

Dr. Tom Curley
Atlantic University
Virginia Beach, Virginia

My reading with you resulted in both an emotional and physical healing. I feel a heavy emotional weight has been lifted from me, and when Milt worked on me I felt an immediate release of my pain. You are a dynamic team doing God's work. I love you both.

Ruth Winchester
Virginia Beach, Virginia

After thirty years as the owner of the Heritage Store and Healing Center, I have never experienced a gift like yours. You are a remarkable medium. Thank you so much for sharing your gift.

Tom Johnson, Owner
The Heritage Store &
Holistic Center
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Your reading for me supplied many answers and left me with fewer doubts. I feel a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. How comforting to know that my grandmother still prays for me and helps me from spirit.

Jan W
Chesapeake, Virginia

Your reading for me motivated me to make positive changes. It was a spiritual experience. Both you and Milt are two exceptionally wonderful people. Through you both I have been encouraged to continue on my positive path.

Anthony F
Williamsburg, Virginia

What a wonderful telephone reading. Thank you for sharing your God-given gift with me and reuniting me with my son Stephen. All the information you shared was right on target. It was also wonderful to hear from others who have passed into spirit, and how they are doing.

Jean K
South Boston, Virginia

Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift of insight from another dimension. You were very accurate with my grandmother — right down to her granny-shoes. She was always there for me, and thanks to you I know she still is! You have a precious God-blessed gift.

Faye H
Orlando, Florida

The information gained from my reading with you has literally changed my life. Had it not come through you and Milt, I do not think I would have listened. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dr. Bonnie Ness
Chiropractic Plus
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Yours was my my first reading in over twenty years. Your gift is exceptional.

Gene Egidio
Internationally Acclaimed
Healer & Author
Whose Hands Are These?
Encinitas, California

Words cannot express how my reading with you has changed my life. I can never repay you for your gift. Having witnessed so many healing's each time I attend one of your Healing Through Spirit Communication programs, I gain a greater appreciation for how God has touched and blessed you and Milt. You are both a gift to this world.

Sophie Mosley
Suffolk, Virginia

Susan, you are truly gifted. Thank you so much for helping me move ahead. I am referring several friends to you for a reading of their own.

Mary B
Dallas, Pennsylvania

My heart & soul were so uplifted yesterday by my telephone reading with you. There is a sense of peace I have not felt in such a long long time. There are many who claim to have "the gift", but only a select few have attained the level you have reached. I thank the creator for guiding me to you, and I thank you for accepting this gift from Him. May He continue to shine His blessings on you.

Al W.
Virginia Beach, Virginia

After my telephone reading on Sunday, I had a lighter heart and began to feel the peace and serenity I've been searching for. You brought me comfort and closure. Thank you. Thank you so very much.

Janice L
Dallas, Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for the telephone reading and for reconnecting me with my wife. It is comforting to know she is still with me. It was very revealing and healing.

George B.
Concord, North Carolina

Because of my telephone reading with you I was able to let go of my fears, allowing sleep to come more easily than I can remember. Thank you so much. This is a true blessing. I now see myself standing tall, giving up the fears, tears and the pain. Thank you for sharing your gift with me.

Marion Rae Connors
(No Longer a Doormat!)
Denver, Colorado

I'm at peace now. The session with you was so comforting. Susan, you are awesome.

Stacey W.
Chesapeake, Virginia

I have been so excited with the information you shared with me. I told many of my friends and family and I'm sure you'll be getting calls from them also. Thank you for sharing your gift with others.

Valerie S.
Cazenovia, New York

Thank you both so much for such a loving and comforting experience. I have done a lot of releasing since my reading.

Nickie V
Sedona, Arizona

My telephone reading? Wow! Huge! Wonderful! What a confirmation. What a relief. What a reading. Susan, you are amazing. Thank you so so much!

Santa Barbara, California

My reading has opened so many doors for me, and I will forever be grateful! Simply wonderful.

Barb B.
Columbus, Ohio

My phone reading with you has given me great comfort, a feeling of being blessed, and the support I needed to realize who and how many sources of help are available to me. Jesus speaking to me through you was so special.

Carolyn N.
Allison Park, Pennsylvania

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